WEBNORDESTE is at OTC focusing on markets in North America and Asia

  • Thursday, 10 May 2018 18:23

HOUSTON - Webnordeste is participating in the OTC and has obtained good results in its contacts made in the Brazil Pavilion. At this moment the company is focused on new business and opportunities outside Brazil, even due to the reduction of sales in the Brazilian market. The company team arrived in Houston 15 days before starting OTC with several meetings scheduled in advance, with schedules prepared with operating companies, engineering firms. The company wants to explore the market for wellhead and wet Christmas trees for shallow water.

With a well defined planning, WebNordeste company has already outlined its next steps to conquer new businesses. The company, which owns a plant in Bahia where it produces equipment for the oil and gas industry, aims to expand its operations to other territories beyond Brazilian borders, as explained by the executive Iwaldo Miranda:

"We have been looking for business with other countries. We are still in the prospecting phase, but we already have good indications. Our technical staff is here at OTC showing the company to the world. Our radar is geared towards North America and Asia. Some large companies sell a standardized product. We already look for the opposite. We offer customized solutions that meet specific needs."

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