WEB NORDESTE once again stands out in the Brazilian scenario providing subsea equipment for offshore application

  • Friday, 27 July 2018 12:20

Using its entrepreneurship and technical capabilities in Engineering and Manufacturing, WEB Nordeste supplied two Flying Lead Deployment Frames (FLDF) to Queiroz Galvão (QGEP) to be operated in the Atlanta field, located in the BS-4 block of the Santos Basin.

The hydraulic flying leads have connected the Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA) to the Subsea Xmas Tree (XT) and to the Artificial Lift System (ALS) at 1600 meters depth.

The Flying Lead Deployment Frame offers a straightforward method of deploying electrical, hydraulic and optical flying leads. The deployment Flying Lead Deployment Frame can be used for providing storage and protection during transportation and installation of the flying leads. The Flying Lead Deployment Frame is designed to minimize deck space by using a first end and second end vertical wrapping method to prevent twisting and knotting of the flying lead that can increase installation time.

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