Subsea Swivels to the Oil & Gas industry

  • Friday, 23 July 2021 17:55

Web Nordeste and B2 Technical Solutions are proud to announce a strategic partnership to supply Subsea Swivels to the Oil & Gas industry. Together the two companies combine the best of expertise and know-how, providing the market with an innovative and cost effective Subsea Swivel design. The first one capable to withstand the strict new market requirements of quality, safety , performance and maintainability.


The Subsea Swivel has been developed to be easily installed on various subsea equipment such as Vertical or Horizontal Connection Systems and Pipeline End Terminations to provide perfect approach and connection alignment during subsea flexible or rigid flowlines installation. The Subsea Swivel absorbs installation and operational loads such as torsion, bending moment and tension while allowing the flowline connection equipment to rotate to its perfect position.


The Subsea Swivel has bidirectional metal to metal sealing capability with an effective secondary elastomeric back-up system. It also has patent pending unique features such as metal to metal seal mechanical locking system and position indicator.


The new Web Nordeste & B2 Technical Solutions Subsea Swivel significantly reduces operational and environmental risks as it  provides rapid installation time and cost reduction for rigid or flexible flowlines and it is the perfect response for performance and safety, contributing to emission reduction and a safe environment.


Please contact us to know more about the New Subsea Swivel features and its benefits to your company project.

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