Leader in the manufacturing of equipment for drilling and completion, WEB Nordeste continues to invest in infrastructure and people development. The Service department offers maintenance, repairs and installation of your products.

The service department is equipped with a 20m well and stack-up test area, which allows simulating installation and hydraulic tests in the field.

Besides its own installations, the service department has all the tooling required for onshore and offshore services, highly trained personnel to perform installation tasks in the field following tested procedures with safe equipment and tooling. Included are contingency procedures, safety meetings, occupational safety analysis, checklists, performance evaluations, and field reports to ensure the success of the service.

Web Nordeste also offers maintenance and repair services to keep the quality standards of the original product. These services may include inspecting, greasing, functional testing, re-packing, changing spare parts, hydraulic testing, painting, etc. In addition, repair services may include welding, machining, inspecting and testing tasks to modify or rebuild equipment in order to provide it with a new life cycle. These services allow highly or totally depreciated inventories to be reclaimed and converted into products that are suitable for use with a factory warranty.






Equipment of our own manufacturing or other manufacturers:

  • Hangers
  • Wellheads
  • Christmas Trees
  • Compact Wellhead
  • Mudline

Other manufacturers:

  • Project set up
  • Transmission Lines
  • Pumping stations
  • Control stations
  • Well dewaxing
  • Packers
  • Web Nordeste Valves
  • Christmas Tree
  • Compact Wellheads
  • Casing heads
  • Tubing heads
  • Adapters
  • Hangers
  • Christmas Trees

Provide machining services
for third parties manufacturing parts, with precision and excellence, attending specifications
and customer drawings.

We have vertical and horizontal lathes, large CNC turning centers to
attend several industrial markets.